Live Video: Eagulls

Live Video
Matt Pritchard
photo by Charina Pitzel (view set)

Leeds band Eagulls know how to incorporate punk fuzz and poppy hooks into a hard-hitting blend of speedy percussion, chainsaw reverb, and, well, demonic possession. Notorious for their thoughts on the so-called 'beach-bands' out right now, Eagulls aren't looking to make any long-time friends with acts that don't take influence from Joy Division, The Stone Roses, or The Wire. They're artistically brash too; their music video for "Nerve Endings" features a pig brain, swarmed with maggots, putrefying in their basement. But, what else would you expect from a truly gnarly punk band? After releasing their self-titled debut in early March, the band's been touring around the world, drowning all in the sonic wake they leave behind. In fact, Seattle's still picking up the pieces of scattered debris from their explosive set at The Crocodile. Grab your earplugs, hide your animals (for fear of decerebration), and play this stuff as loud as possible.

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