Decibel Festival 2014: Optical 4 - Static Memory with WIFE, Alessandro Cortini, and 1979 feat. Deru + Effixx

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Katherine Humphreys

In the Nordstrom Recital Hall during Decibel Festival's Optical 4 showcase, the sound of WIFE was equal parts exciting and heavy - the sound was swelling with an emotional intensity unparalleled, and the room felt thick with listening. Visuals tracked through architectural yet emotive abstractions while the Republic of Ireland played through his surprisingly pop-sounding works. formerly of the black metal band Altar Of Plagues - James Kelly was unafraid on the stage - letting loose his vocals through the webs of smooth sounds.

Alessandro Cortini is well known for rejoining Nine Inch Nails for their 2013 tour, and his expertise with synths. For Decibel he performed solo - with visuals from fellow veteran of the a/v community Leo Mayberry. As synths stacked and arranged Mayberry focused the visuals on doing the same thing - pieces began simply, layering into vortexes of lines and simple shapes.

1979 began as the stage began to transform - a second screen dropped down near the front, and lights were tested. The show began with a single burst of light on a small screen behind the second curtain, and then with a glowing bright holographic man coming to life to explain how time isĀ  circle. What followed was the visuals from a nine song album created by 1979 and Deru + Effixx - 1979 being a handheld projector which plays the videos created for this project. The visuals oscillated between the nostalgic and the abstract - sometime digital and sometimes analog.


Alessandro Cortini:


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