Live Video: Tycho

Live Video
Gerrit Feenstra
photo by Dave Lichterman

Tycho has seen a marvelous ascent to brilliance in the last couple years. With each album, Scott Hansen seems to find himself in a brighter sense of awareness and emersion in the beautiful, captivating world that the music of Tycho embodies. The band is now two albums deep with a fleshed out live setup. Tycho brought a three piece band to Decibel Festival in 2012, and now here in the studio two years later, he is joined by three incredible musicians: guitarist Zac Brown, drummer Rory O'Connor, and multi-instrumentalist Joe Davancens. The quartet gives the songs of new record Awake a massive, driving sound that does full credit to Hansen's incredible tracks. It's no secret that Tycho shows are not to be missed, so it's a true honor to have him and his band join us in here in the KEXP studio. Check out the four song set below, and check out full performance, complete with an interview by KEXP's Troy Nelson. Also, make sure and check out the new Tycho record Awake, out now on Ghostly International.

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