Song Premiere: Kevin Morby - Parade

KEXP Premiere
Jim Beckmann
photo by Amy Harrity

Don't expect to take the title of the second solo album by Kevin Morby literally. Still Life was written during a particularly busy time in his life, which included touring with two bands -- Woods (his former band) and The Babies (his project with Vivian Girls' Cassie Ramone) -- and switching coasts, as he moved from Brooklyn to Los Angeles. Because of that, the songs cover a sweeping range of emotions and experiences. The first single, which we can share with you today in this exclusive premiere, is the moving elegy, "Parade". Inspired by one of Morby's heroes, Lou Reed, the song contemplates remembrance after death and a common theme for Morby, the tension of the private individual in a public space: "If I were to die today / slaughtered in that masquerade / The last thing that you'd hear me say / put my body on display in the parade". How do we take "last thing" to mean? Either way, the song is a thought-provoking tribute (you can't help but hear Lou when Morby sings "all my friends were there") and a lovely and mature ballad on its own.

Listen to this exclusive premiere of "Parade" now and pick up Still Life when it's released by Woodsist Records on October 14.

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