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Britta Plyler
photo by Victoria VanBruinisse

  • North Carolina band The Rosebuds are joined by Bon Iver's Justin Vernon and Matt McCaughan on their new track "Blue Eyes." Vernon also produced the indie pop outfit's entire new album Sand + Silence, which drops on August 5. "Blue Eyes" is bright and dynamic, the perfect summer jam. [Pitchfork]

  • Lia Ices will release her new album Ices, her first since 2011, on September 16. Today she's shared the fun album track "Higher." There's a little bit of everything going on in just three short minutes. Powerful guitar? Check. Ethereal vocals? Yes. Traditional Chinese music? Check. [Stereogum]

  • Crooner Conor Oberst really brings the nostalgia in the video for his incredibly sweet song "Your Mother's Child." The singer-songwriter tugs at the heartstrings with visuals of adorable kids in costumes sporting the brightest smiles. It's definitely a must see for parents. [CoS]

  • Courtney Barnett and some other artists on Milk! Records are putting out a compilation album next month. The Australian singer-songwriter's contribution is a clever, laid-back love song called "Pickles From The Jar." She's not shy about pointing out her and her significant other's differences, but at least the both love Christopher Walken (who doesn't?). [Stereogum]

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