Sasquatch 2014, Day 2: The Dodos

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Jacob Webb
photos by Sally Gray Mahon

Historically, Sasquatch has a pretty mercurial relationship with the weather; a mix of hail, pouring rain, and upper-80s temperatures aren't out of the question. Most of the time, however, there's at least one afternoon where the weather is warm but not hot, breezy but not gusty, and it enhances whatever band is playing at the time. The Dodos were lucky enough to hit peak Sasquatch weather as they glided through their afternoon set on the Bigfoot stage. Meric Long and Logan Kroeber (and touring member Joe Hague) glided through a set of songs mostly from 2011's No Color and last year's Carrier. With the wind often blowing dramatically in the background, the heavy themes of those songs (Carrier, specifically, is about the death of former Dodos touring member Christopher Reimer), but against the mild afternoon sun, pensive-but-engaging songs like "Substance" and "Confidence" felt neither too dour or out of place. For those looking for a feel-good, cellphones-in-the-air set, there were other options, but The Dodos' set connected with an audience in an emotional way that few afternoon shows at Sasquatch, either this year or years past, have.

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