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Britta Plyler
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  • It's hard to believe that there can be room for improvement when it comes to James Blake's music. Apparently Blake himself wasn't 100 percent sold on his song "Life Round Here" and he said, “I never really felt the track was finished, even when it went on the album, I just felt there was this space.” Well, he teamed up with Chance The Rapper and those two have definitely succeeded in completing an, in my opinion, already amazing song. This remix is something that everyone needs to hear. Stop, drop, and listen at Stereogum.

  • LA rock band Best Coast will drop a new mini-album next month. Fade Away will feature their Record Store Day releases "Who Have I Become" and "Fear Of My Identity" as well as some brand new tracks. Today we have the single "I Don't Know How" to sink out teeth into. The lyrics get a bit repetitive, but Bethany Cosentino still tears it up. [Pitchfork]

  • After releasing Monkey Minds In The Devil's Time back in March, Steve Mason (formerly of The Beta Band), has finally shared the video for the album track "Fire!" It's beautifully shot and it's impossible to ignore the political message. [Stereogum]

  • Beck has shared a smooth, new stand-alone single entitled "Gimme" and there's plenty more fresh material where that came from. Beck will self-release two new albums, one acoustic and the other is described as "a proper follow up to Modern Guilt," but the dates are still unknown. [CoS]

  • MGMT's new music video for the song "Cool Song No. 2" is one of those things you have to experience more than once for it to make any real sense. There's a whole lot going on in four quick minutes. In typical MGMT style, the video is full of drama. One poor guy seems to be suffering from the same disease as the famous "tree man." [Pitchfork]

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Daily Roundups

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Daily Roundups

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