Live Video: Portugal. The Man at The Triple Door

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Jim Beckmann
photo by Charina Pitzel (view set)

It's no surprise Portugal. The Man broke into "Dayman" midway into their set during their Triple Door performance for KEXP last month. Not only has the band been playing their own gorgeous rendition of the song, taken from a classic episode of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, during shows and have even featured cast members in a hilarious promo video for their new album, Evil Friends, but their own songs tend to share a similar dark outsider humor. Underneath the big hooks, commercial sheen and occasional poignant balladry on their new Danger Mouse produced LP, as solid of a pop album you're likely to hear all year, are self-deprecating, devil-may-care lyrics poking fun at themselves and everyone else. Like the show, their music might be cynical if it wasn't so good! Their entire set at the Triple Door as part of KEXP's VIP Club Concert series pretty much stunned everyone in attendance. Watch their full 40+ minute set here:

Full Performance:

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