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Katherine Humphreys
Kurt Vile / photo by Bebee Besch
  • Kurt Vile does a surprising cover of "Down In It" by Nine Inch Nails for A.V. Club - while the pairing seems totally odd the result actually works well as a Vile/Reznor hybrid. Where Reznor's original felt like a something from a 90s action sci-fi movie, Vile's take is fuzzier and has a slightly psychedelic quality to it.

  • Speaking of Nine Inch Nails, you can listen to the forthcoming album, Hesitation Marks, in full. It's a slightly different, quieter sound for Trent Reznor, overall. Click here to open the stream through your iTunes player.
  • 80s/90s seminal trio Throwing Muses' last album came out in 2003, but today they've released "sleepwalking 1" from their upcoming, get this, art book and 32 track album hybrid that will be released through HarperCollins entitled Purgatory/Paradise. This ultimate Muses fan boy/girl release will be available in November. [Impose]
  • The National gets drunk via shotgunning in their oddly moving video for "Graceless"  from Trouble Will Find Me - something about the matching suits and seeming need, not just a simple want, to be reckless and happy is unsettling. There is a delicate tension throughout the video that was filmed at Beringer's father's house in Cincinnati. As they barrel through beers and slip n slides one wonders, where did they come from in their suits, and why are they at this strange house? [Pitchfork]
  • J Dilla's uncle, Herman Hayes is going to open donut shop in Detroit - which is fantastic news if you are a fan of cities that could really use ongoing support for their much needed cultural community, as well as for those of us who J Dilla, as well as those of us who love donuts! Apparently Hayes brought donut's to Dilla all throughout his childhood. The menu will be Dill inspired, and the shop will play his music as well as those he sampled. Plus it's all organic! [Pitchfork]

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Daily Roundups

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Daily Roundups

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Today on the Morning Show, we debuted a new song by TV on the Radio, and now the single, entitled "Million Miles", is available for you to hear and watch again and again. Though the band recently left Interscope Records, they haven't stopped turning out amazing material, now on band member Dave Sit…

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