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  • Today on the Morning Show, we debuted a new song by TV on the Radio, and now the single, entitled "Million Miles", is available for you to hear and watch again and again. Though the band recently left Interscope Records, they haven't stopped turning out amazing material, now on band member Dave Sitek's own label, Federal Prism. Check out the video for "Million Miles" below and get a mini-lesson on biodiversity. [CoS]

  • When The National party, they really go for it with no holds barred. Watch them shotgun beers and have an amazing pool party in their video for "Graceless" It kills to see them destroy those impeccable suits, though. [CoS]

  • The Men have shared an acoustic version of "The Seeds," the first single off their upcoming 5-track album, Campfire Songs. The EP will feature two brand new tracks as well as acoustic versions of songs from their previous LP, New Moon. Campfire Songs drops on October 15 and will also be available in a limited edition 12". [Stereogum]

  • Spencer Krug's music project Moonface will release a full studio album on October 29. Julia With Blue Jeans On seems to be off to a great start if the first single is any indication. "Everyone Is Noah, Everyone Is the Ark" is a sweeping piano ballad that reveals a haunting depth to Krug's work. [Stereogum]

  • Dean Wareham, former frontman of Galaxie 500 and Luna, has embarked upon his own solo career and will share his first LP, Emancipated Hearts, next month. Today we have his single "Love Is Colder Than Death" to sample. According to his press release the melancholy song is "about epic journeys and happy returns." [Pitchfork]

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Daily Roundups

Wednesday Music News

Kurt Vile does a surprising cover of "Down In It" by Nine Inch Nails for A.V. Club - while the pairing seems totally odd the result actually works well as a Vile/Reznor hybrid. Where Reznor's original felt like a something from a 90s action sci-fi movie, Vile's take is fuzzier and has a slightly ...

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Daily Roundups

Monday Music News

Dr.Dog has a charming lyric video for "Broken Heart" from their upcoming album B Room. Composed of vintage footage of an amusement park, the happiness of the park seems bittersweet contrasted with the tracks title - which is fitting considering the song feels upbeat, but the lyrics tell a differe...

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