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Britta Plyler
photo by Alex Crick

  • The Head and the Heart have dropped their debut single "Shake" from Let's Be Still (out October 15). The flawless harmonies and punchy percussion give me a bit of a Fleetwood Mac vibe. If this is just the beginning, the new album is sure to be amazing. Tune in to Late Night with Jimmy Fallon tonight when they debut this track live. [CoS]

  • Tennessee rockers King's of Leon are offering up "Wait For Me," the second single from their upcoming Mechanical Bull album. It's a slow burning love song that highlights the rawness of Caleb Followill's voice. They've also shared the video for the album's first single, "Supersoaker." Check them both out below. [CoS]

  • Actress Lily Collin's stars in M83's new video for their 2011 song "Claudia Lewis." In the video, which was directed by actress Bryce Dallas Howard, Collins rocks a blue wig as an alien teenager with a typical high school crush. It's like watching a five minute 80's sci-fi flick. [Stereogum]

  • Canadian band Islands will release their new album, Ski Mask, on September 17, but to hold us over until then, they've shared the song "Becoming the Gunship." The song is an expressive power ballad that makes you want to grab a lighter and sway along. [Stereogum]

  • Yo La Tengo's video for 'Is That Enough" features the most terrifying music/math equations I've ever seen. I guess the lesson is that all music is connected. Make sure to pay attention, there will be a quiz after. [Pitchfork]

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Daily Roundups

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North Carolina's The Avett Brothers have stayed busy since the release of their last album, The Carpenter, 11 months ago. The band is working on their next full length album, Magpie and the Dandelion, due out on October 15th. Listen to the catchy first single, "Another Is Waiting," a track indicati…

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Daily Roundups

Monday Music News

Starting today you can stream Chastity Belt's new album No Regerts over at Pitchfork Advance and see what all the hubbub is about. Just be sure you know that it's spelled correctly above -- R E G E R T S -- yes, no regerts to be found here.

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