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Katherine Humphreys

  • Seattle's Sub Pop icons Mudhoney have been making a lot of noise about playing atop one of Seattle's most iconic landmarks this Thursday. Stay tuned for more information! [Mudhoney]
  • Duo AlunaGeorge have another infectious pop track - "Bad Idea" from their up coming Body Music equally celebrates two pop music staples: non-word hooks ("Do-Ba-Do") and bad relationships, ("You're a car crash waiting to happen").  [Pitchfork]
  • When Franz Ferdinand released their first self-titled album in 2004 they worked with director Jonas Odell to create the retro video for the single"Take Me Out" - and again so many years later they are back together again for the 60's geometric collage style video for "Right Action" off their upcoming Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action. [Stereogum]
  • Today you can stream director/creator David Lynch's new album The Big Dream via Pitchfork Advance. It's an eerie ride through Americana, dripping in unusual sightings of wandering old men and their strangely warped blues guitars, and pretty much every other Lynch-ian type of sound you would expect in an album. 
  • Montreal duo Blue Hawaii recently performed a beautiful take of "Try To Be" for Yours Truly that I can't help but share. "I think people need to be reminded that they can be emotional" Raphaelle Standell-Preston shares in the opening of the video. Performing in a cavernous and vacated building they are able to create almost images with their sounds, filling the hall with their simple echoing sounds. [YT]

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Daily Roundups

Tuesday Music News

After selling out their first show (Dec. 12) at Key Arena in just 15 minutes, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis decided to add a second performance on December 11. That one sold out in two hours. The guys have so much love for their hometown that they've now added a third show, this one is set for Decem…

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Daily Roundups

Friday Music News

Last night, Beck finally performed his first concert of material from last year's full sheet music album, Song Reader. Franz Ferdinand, the Staves, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Jarvis Cocker, and so many more joined him on stage in London. Check out the performances below (click on the next link for more…

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