Live Video: Beach Fossils

Live Video
Jake Uitti
photo by Brittney Bollay (view set)

Close your eyes. Recall that garage with cardboard boxes in the corner, shelves stacked with hammers, duct tape and screwdrivers, and the faint aroma of fresh paint? You’re laying on your back, daydreaming, and you hear rock and roll music playing somewhere. This is the sound of Beach Fossils. The band's music is somehow fast and slow all at once, solitary yet combusting. Lead singer Dustin Payseur breathes his vocals while the band creates a bunker of rhythm around him. Rooted in the Brooklyn scene, Beach Fossils brings to life the idea that you can hear imagination by making ideas sonically tangible. Recently, they did just that, live in the KEXP studio for a performance with DJ Morgan. Watch their set here:

Full Performance:

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