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Britta Plyler

  • No one can make a pink wig look bad ass and terrifying quite like M.I.A. can. In the video for her track, "Bring The Noize," not only does she pull of this feat' but she also strings together lightening fast flows that she punctuates with a flick of her sparkly gold talons. It's one thing to hear her rap and another to watch her mouth move at such rapid speeds. There's just so much going on in this video your head will spin. [Stereogum]

  • MGMT have finally announced the release date for their third studio album. You can grab the self titled, 10-track collection on September 17 from Columbia Records. The album will include their Record Store Day single, "Alien Days," as well as, "Your Life is a Lie" and "Mystery Disease," which have both been performed live. If you need to refresh your memory, take a listen to the trippy "Alien Days" below. [CoS]

  • Ernest Greene, aka Washed Out, has debuted his newest single, "Don't Give Up." With Greene's near whisper vocals and a thumping, rhythmic beat, the track has a hypnotizing quality to it. The song will be available on his upcoming Paracosm LP, which will drop on August 12. [SPIN]

  • Iron & Wine' Sam Beam pulled out all the stops for his performance on Jimmy Kimmel Live's outdoor stage last night. He was backed up by a string section and a whole slew of backup singers as he effortlessly serenaded the crowd with the tracks "The Desert Babbler" and "Grace for Saints and Ramblers." Both songs are off his 2013 album, Ghost on Ghost. Watch the performances below. [Stereogum]

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Daily Roundups

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Daily Roundups

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