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  • Yeah Yeah Yeahs have scaled the Empire State Building with a song as big as the iconic building itself - "Despair" starts as an anthem sung by a girl in a bar before ascending the building to become an anthem sung from great heights. "My song is your song" Karen O croons throughout, as the sun comes up over New York. [Rolling Stone]
  • Bobby "Blue" Bland or the "Sinatra of Blues" died at his home in Nashville at the age of 83. Inspired directly by Reverend C.L. Franklin (Arethra Franklin's father), his signature vocals were a mixture of gospel, soul, blues country - often quiet and punctuated by a sudden intensity and shout. The crooner was infamous from tracks such as "Ain't No Love In The Heart Of The City" and "Members Only". Despite his struggle with mainstream success, he toured extensively as both support and headliner throughout the years - and was honored with a Grammy in 1992 and was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1997. [NYT]
  • Deer Tick has a rousing and intense new single from the upcoming album Negativity. "The Rock" is filled with a fun horn line and shouts, and soothes the most troubled in love. The song bodes well for the album, even if the lyric video that accompanies the track is surprisingly simple. [Noisey]
  • David Lynch never fails to find ways to warp classic American icons, whether they be sounds, images or ideas, and his track "Star Dream Girl", with its deep dark blues sound, doesn't disappoint. Lynch revealed, "Back then, these big events would catch people’s imaginations. They would take their motorcycles or hot rods to these remote places to see some star. So we all drove out to this place, but Jerry never showed up and people were really pissed off. ‘Star Dream Girl’ has that same kind of charisma." Listen for yourself below. [Pitchfork]
  • Lower Dens are the latest to contribute an amazing track to the Less Artists More Condos series. Their track is signature in its sci-fi feel. Jana Hunter's voice haunts the space occupied by reeling pop guitars and shady spaced out synths. Perfect for an oddly satisfying summer night, especially when the moon is super despite the rain and the glowing green night lights are out in full force. [Stereogum]
  • "Because I played a fool for you" is the catchy as all get-out centerpiece of the Disclosure track "F For You" - and now the duo has released a dreamy new video for the track. Kaleidoscopic at the break downs and simply awesome for the rest of the time, the song is set up the same as always - two tables covered in equipment slightly turned toward each other - but behind them a screen projects a light show you wish was possible at festivals. Watch below. [GvsB]
  • Break-ups in California are just different than break-ups anywhere else. Only there could the feeling of failure in a relationship not only be translated into a fairly easy going pop song, but then also be turned into a colorful but overwhelming complete trip. Bleached are that band making that video for their track "Dead In Your Head", which you can experience for yourself below.  [Spin]
  • Just in case you were uncertain about the lyrics to Pony Time's "Go Find Your Own" they have created a brilliant little music video that also serves as a lyric video. Just to be sure though, he is watching Star Trek. [Spin]

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Daily Roundups

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