Sasquatch 2013, Day 3: Grimes

Katherine Humphreys
Photos by Matthew Thompson

To say I feel like I know too much about Grimes might be an understatement. While I'm not a mega fan in knowing facts like her favorite foods - I am a mega fan in that I've been fascinated by her since around 2009, long before Grimes was a giant and adored pop star. And I am happy to say that seeing her at Sasquatch - the largest venue I've ever seen her at - revealed that fame has only helped Claire Boucher to grow. Where her past work has reflected her influences to a degree, without totally fusing them into a solid form, you can now fully hear the K/J Pop, experimental/goth/industrial, and just plain pop inspiration throughout her performance - she now has the ability to full combine those elements into an insane show. From using her high pitched voice with a simple looping to create the feeling of listening to pop music who's words are only occasionally in English (K/J Pop), to letting out Karen O sounding yelps and shrieks (truly terrifying at times), the performance is far less the dance music that people tend to expect from her based on Visions and far more an on-stage experiment. Not to say Claire would ever let her fans down - at the end she blazed through "Phone Sex" - as I've seen her do before to give her fans the dancing moments they desire. At Sasquatch Claire took stage in vampire-esque makeup and a layered outfit - layers she would shed at the night went on and including a jacket which I suspect is from the Versace even she played a few weeks ago - and was accompanied by two dancers who would not have looked out of place at Barboza's J K Pop night.

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