Sasquatch 2013, Day 1: Built to Spill

Sasquatch, Live Reviews
Katherine Humphreys
photos by Morgen Schuler

As was made our way to the mainstage for Built to Spill, slow drops of rain began to fall. The rain would never become hard or steady, instead lending the stage a golden glitter - the sun setting came in beams across the stage as Doug Martsch carefully but effortlessly lead the way through classic after classic song. My personal favorites included "Else" as well as "You Were Right". They performed with a quiet exuberance, a confidence that comes with having written songs that will always be honest and relevant to peoples lives. Beside me two boys, one with an unironic 80s handlebar mustache the the other with gleaming smile danced, heady and happy with the guitars friendly wails blending in with the sun slowly setting behind the stage. In the distance you could see patches of rain, but at the gorge you could only see small happy smiles from Built to Spill, and dancing bobbing joyous heads of audience members.

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