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Katherine Humphreys
Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings performing at the Treefort Music Festival / photo by Alex Crick
  • Brooklyn soul revivalists Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings have announced a new album, Give the People What They Want, and have released a new track from it. Funky and everything the people wanted from a follow-up, "Retreat!" is also sassy - "live with me and you'll play with fire." Check it out. [Pitchfork]
  • The National might have already debuted their track "Sea of Love", but the video they released today is definitely worthwhile. While they jam, and are jammed into a tiny room, a little boy wearing a similar outfit to them (black suit) dances in front of them. Though the track might have felt somber at first, the amount of dancing taking place in this video sheds a new light on the track "If I stay, trouble will find me" seems less ominous in the white room, where the band is clearly forced to stay. [Spin]
  • Smith Westerns have a great 90s inspired, dream-like new video out today for "Varsity" off their upcoming Soft Will. In the video a young couple romp playfully on a graffiti-ed rooftop. Slow motion abounds, and as the song says "I guess it's a point of view," the POV is constantly shifting, from looking up at fruit being crushed, to looked out over the city-scape. [Impose]
  • [NSFW] David Bowie has apparently conceived the incredibly strange new video for "The Next Day" off his recent album. There is something about religion going on, as a dancing woman played by Marion Cotillard hands suddenly erupt with stigmata, as well as Gary Oldman who Bowie apparently has worked with before. As with many of Bowie's videos, it's a bit uncanny, a bit surreal, and a decent bit baffling. [Pitchfork]
  • Since her 2006 debut Alela Diane has made a name for her in the too-often-overlooked realm of female singer-songwriters with her ghostly lilting voice and penchant for heavy material. Today he has released the sad and sorry title track from her upcoming LP - "About Farewell." While simple, the song is cuttingly sad. The album will be out June 25th via Rusted Blue. [GvsB]

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Daily Roundups

Thursday Music News

Cat Power played a new song, "Bully", for BBC Radio 4 this morning for "Woman's Hour" as well as some old favorites and answers questions about the inspiration behind many of the songs on Sun. Check out the interview and live performances here. [Pitchfork]

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Daily Roundups

Tuesday Music News

Yeah Yeah Yeahs' have released the video for the title track off of their new album, Mosquito. It literally shows a disturbingly large mosquito feeding on a little boy before it gets squished. It's pretty cringe worthy. [Pitchfork]

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