Live Video: Chelsea Light Moving play new songs!

Live Video
Jim Beckmann
photo by Brittany Brassell (view set)

"You got your peanut butter on my chocolate?" No, we got your chocolate on Thurston Moore! Or maybe it was the other way around! Either way, a simple chocolate bar wrapper was the inspiration for a brand new song, written on the spot, by Thurston and his new project Chelsea Light Moving. No doubt you've seen us rave about the album and watched their performance during our SXSW broadcast, but we invited them back to the KEXP studio for an intimate session just a couple of weeks ago. Left to their leisure, the band jammed for a while before coming up with two original compositions on the spot. One, an instrumental slow burn, began with the title "KEXP in the Springtime" but evolved into the "title track" to the other song's source, a "Peach Pecan" candy bar. For this second song, the band decided lyrics were in order and left the studio to contemplate. As our own DJ Sharlese happened by where they were working, she offered a bite of her chocolate. Thurston declined but as his bandmates scarfed it down, he noticed something. "Let me see that", he said, snatching the wrapper and running back to the studio. And so it was that Metaphysical poet John Donne's "The Ecstasy" became the lyrical flame to this new sonic blazer. Check out both songs, plus two hits from their self-titled debut, here now:

Full Performance:

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