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Katherine Humphreys

  • Humming computer drawn lines mimic the synth and steady vocals in Liars' video for "The Exact Color of Doubt" off their 2012 album WIXIW. 3-d faces appear distorted and shimmering, floating in a black background throughout the song, while the lyrics confess "I'll always be your friend" - it's a beautiful video for a song that uses flowing ambient music in the best way possible. Get tour dates at Stereogum.
  • Slowly but surely we've been catching radio rips and official releases from James Blake's upcoming album - and now he has given us a video for "Voyeur." If the video for "Retrograde" was spookily fantastic, this video is an animated super highway that takes you inside a record and through fractal-like black caverns. As the song reaches its pitches and chilling core, color interrupts the dark and claustrophobic trip, erupting kaleidoscopically across the digital planes. [Pitchfork]
  • In terms of the punk and post-punk scene coming out of LA right now, the girl-band duo Bleached is definitely among the favorites. They released their debut LP Ride Your Heart yesterday, and now they have this bouncy but dark video for the track "Dazed" - featuring a red room, a faceless dancing girl, grainy film and a super-8 camera. While their sound could be described as sunny, this video pulls more from the surreal part of sitting in the sun too long - a dazed and fuzzy summer feeling. [Stereogum]
  • Bradford Cox is known for being on edge - and yesterday when Deerhunter played on Fallon he debuted a new face for his mania, or "Monomania" if you will. Watch the performance below, and you'll meet Connie Lungpin, his bloody stub fingered and black-Ramones-wigged alter ego. The performance was amazing, fixating in its loudness, wavering and wild, with Bradford wailing "send me an angel, send me something else," - that is, if you can tear your eyes from the wiggling stump finger long enough to listen. [Pitchfork]
  • Just in case you were in need of some upbeat synthy electronica this morning - Norway's Lindstrøm has released a remix of Unknown Mortal Orchestra's track "Swim And Sleep (Like a Shark)" from their recent indie-pop album II . It's a bubbling and swirling ride through the remix that's barely recognizable as the original. And yet with it's high pitched peaks and haunting but poppy vocals, something about it is very true to the original. [Stereogum]
  • If you didn't get enough of the roller disco with Chvrches video on Monday, Sub Pop's Still Corners have this lovely new video for "Berlin Lovers" off their upcoming album Stranger Pleasures. Breathy and beautiful vocals from Tessa Murray over the backing synth pops - while a young girl takes to the rink in slow motion she sings "so young" over and over, looped and drawn into a crescendo. [Stereogum]

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Daily Roundups

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Daily Roundups

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