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  • If you're a fan of Twin Peaks, Tim & Eric, and Beach House you are in for a treat this morning. Yep, that's Ray Wise riding a majestic stallion in the photo above. It's a screenshot from the new Eric Wareheim-directed video for Beach House's "Wishes". Wise lip syncs the song at a futuristic sports arena, presumably at a something like a half-time show. It's completely absurd, but also amazingly beautiful. Wise gives a stunning performance. Seriously. Slow motion, fireworks, tight-clad men swinging poi, lascivious cheerleaders, and even some strange costumes that include a small net with two balls inside that hang off the front of a belt -- this video has some incredible moments. Watch it now below. [Stereogum]

  • Austra has announced their sophomore album Olympia will be released June 18 by Domino, and shared a new track from the from the LP, "Home". The band broadens its operatic dance music with the addition of some conga drums and a grand piano, and it's a welcome addition to the club-ready sophistication we can expect from the group. Katie Stelmanis' powerful voice is big and assured, but the heartfelt lyrics and mood bring the listener to a melancholic electro-island solitude. [CoS]

  • Julian Lynch has released a second new song from his upcoming LP Lines (out this month via Underwater Peoples) -- and it's yet another richly layered masterpiece from the New Jersey-based Real Estate cohort. "Gloves" is, like most of the other great Julian Lynch songs ("Terra" comes to mind), probably best listened to at sunrise after staying up the whole night. The way Lynch's voice is threaded within the mix instead of being on top, the unexpected and effective instrumentation, and the production that allows a stack of instruments to float together as one in light touches and swells all combine to give the listener a feeling of stepping from one world into another. Sublime. Check it out yourself below. [Stereogum]

  • James Blake has released not just one but two new songs this morning, and the second of the two, "Digital Lion", features contributions from the one-and-only Brian Eno. On April 8th via Republic, Blake's upcoming Overgrown will drop, featuring the album version of "Voyeur", which we heard today in a dub version, as well as eight other songs including "Digital Lion". The radio rip of "Voyeur (Dub)" seems to have been taken down, but you can listen to "Digital Lion" below. [CoS]

  • French indie pop band Phoenix has released a video for their forthcoming album single "Entertainment" that's of epic proportions, and strangely enough in a similar vei as the Eric Wareheim/Beach House masterpiece above. It's a pastiche of adventure story, thriller, samurai movie and an across-the-ages love story. There's blood, falcons, majestic waterfalls, grand post-modern displays of entertainment a la concerts and something like an Olympics opening ceremony. Suffice it to say there's a lot going on. Patrick Daughters directs. Check it out below. [Stereogum]

  • She & Him shared a new track this morning from their forthcoming Volume 3 out May 7 on Merge. Stream the bouncy new song below, and hear Zooey Deschanel sing a song of heartache and luckless love. It's just enough doo-wop and pop without being too saccharine. [CoS]

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