Video Roundup: Seattle Women Who Rock Month!

Video Roundup
Dillon Sturtevant

Recently, Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn declared February to be Seattle Women Who Rock Month. The announcement was spurred by a new play and history project created by Gretta Harley (Maxi Badd, Danger Dens), Sarah Rudinoff, and Elizabeth Kenny called These Streets, a fictionalized story heavily inspired by the lives and music of the women of the Seattle grunge scene of lat 80s and early 90s. Last Friday, KEXP Morning Show host John Richards wrote about some of Seattle's female rock pioneers, like Bikini Kill, Goodness, and 7 Year Bitch, and all day today, DJs will be spotlighting these and other female artists who invigorate the spirit of rock 'n' roll! Gathered here are just a few of the artists you'll hear today:

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