The Weekly Mix, Vol. 774 - Positively Prismatic

The Weekly Mix
Hosted by Sean

Join DJ Sean for tunes to while away a sunny afternoon.

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photo by Sean Morrow

Join DJ Sean for tunes to while away a sunny afternoon. Sean adds, “For best results, scatter a bunch of prisms near your sunniest window and turn the volume up... But try to avoid looking right at the rays 'cause even though the colours are really cool it can be blinding and maybe you knock over some houseplants as a result... Not me, but it could happen."

1. Mart Avi - Wire
2. Kate NV - Sayonara (Full Moon Version)
3. Pacific Coliseum - Turquoise
4. Jesse Futerman - Luckey (feat. Beverly Glenn-Copeland) 
5. Dubharp - Bamboo Cross (feat. Lee Scratch Perry)
6. The Zenmenn - Salad Bar
7. Cactus Head - Red Bluff
8. Good Sad Happy Bad - Shades
9. ML Buch - Touching Screens
10. Automatic - Strange Conversations (Sudan Archives Remix)
11. Dreamcastmoe - 301-341-7207
12. Space Ghost - Time To Dance (Together Mix)
13. Tammy Lakkis - Notice
14. Jex Opolis - Gem
15. Guy Contact - Maya Bay
16. Ajukaja & Ats - Signal
17. Eugene Pascal - Caveman Algorhythms

Sean hosts a Variety Mix every Monday night from 10pm-1am PT on, the KEXP App, or 90.3 FM in Seattle.

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