The Weekly Mix, Vol. 770 - Sound Off! 2021

The Weekly Mix
Hosted by Eva Walker

Eva Walker guides us through the 20th annual (virtual!) Sound Off!

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Eva Walker guides us through the 20th annual (virtual!) Sound Off! Learn more about this 21-and-under Northwest music showcase and how MoPOP is “empowering tomorrow’s visionaries” (and get your tickets to the livestream) at

1. Aurelio Valdez - Rent Money
2. Aurora Avenue - Wind
3. Brenna Bruce - Move
4. CANNXN - Uncomfortable
5. Kiddus Fecto - Senorita
6. Lexi Lalauni - Divine
7. Sundust - Someone New
8. Trevor Eulau - Music in Waves

Eva Walker is the host of Audioasis, every Saturday from 6-9pm PT on, the KEXP app, or 90.3 FM in Seattle.

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