Preventing Copyright Cases in Music

Sound & Vision
Hosted by Emily Fox
Sound & Vision talks to Brian Foo, the Library of Congress’ “innovator in residence,” about the "Citizen DJ" project launching this summer.
photo by Shawn Miller/Library of Congress

The Library of Congress is launching a tool this summer that will make its massive audio collection of free to use and reuse works available to DJs, hip hop artists, and others to sample in their music for free. The project is called "Citizen DJ." It’s led by the Library of Congress’ “innovator in residence,” Brian Foo. Foo talks about how the project works and the music he’s already been able to make from the library’s archive.

Attorney Damien Riehl and coder Noah Rubin explain how they are creating algorithms to document every melody that can exist and putting those melodies into the public domain to minimize copyright infringement cases and give more freedom to artists.

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