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Jesse Sykes and The Sweet Hereafter

Jesse Sykes and The Sweet Hereafter
The roots-rock of Jesse Sykes and the Sweet Hereafter is like a dark and beautiful dream that wakes you with goosebumps and continues to pleasantly haunt your waking hours for days to come. Check out this exclusive KEXP performance recorded at the Triple Door. W. Myers Jesse Sykes and The Sweet Hereafter (Triple Door) 2/14/07 10 songs plus Concert file Reckless Burning, The Dreaming Dead, The Air Is Thin, You Might Walk Away, LLL, Aftermath, Hard Not To Believe, Station Grey, The Open Halls Of The Soul, Eisenhower Moon -

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Full Performance
Eisenhower Moon
Hard Not To Believe
Reckless Burning
Station Grey
The Air Is Thin
The Dreaming Dead
The Open Halls of the Soul
You Might Walk Away