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KEXP DocumentariesWe bring you a musical subject in the time it takes to play just one song!

KEXP Documentaries are written and produced by Michele Myers. Executive Producer is Kevin Cole. Created in collaboration with Experience Music Project and The University of Washington. And made possible by a grant from the American Music Partnership of Seattle.

NEW! KEXP Documentaries Lesson Plans for the series "Masters of Turntablism" and "Hip-Hop – The New Seattle Sound"

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KEXP Documentaries Lesson Plans

KEXP Documentaries Lesson Plans
KEXP Documentaries Lesson Plans are interdisciplinary, interactive lessons for grades 6-12 that incorporate KEXP documentaries. They help students learn about different types of music, and the people, places, and history behind them. The lessons fit within international, national, and state public learning standards in a variety of subjects: media literacy, language arts, music, visual and performing arts, and social studies. The idea behind KEXP Lesson Plans is that education is a fun and creative process. These lessons aim to get students excited about discovering new music and themselves.