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KEXP Learning

KEXP is more than just a radio station. In addition to its eclectic music mix, KEXP has a goal to teach listeners more about the craft of making music, the history of popular music, and the musicians making today’s new sounds. In order to help you learn about music, KEXP and its partners have developed the following programs.

KEXP Documentaries KEXP Documentaries are produced by Michele Myers, in Association with The Seattle Partnership For American Popular Music, the University of Washington Music School and Experience Music Project. Executive Producer is Kevin Cole.

American Popuplar Music

Seattle Partnership for American Popular Music
In 2001, KEXP, the University of Washington School of Music and Experience Music Project began a partnership to explore and present the many roots and influences of American popular music. Special educational programs with esteemed artists have been created to bring music to KEXP listeners, into the schools, and to the public.

In this section of the website you will find archived musical performances as well as information about this educational partnership, which was generously funded by The Allen Fund for American Popular Music.

KEXP and EMP invite you the EMP Pop Conference, April 16th to 19th
This year’s theme is “Music Sex Dance Romance,” with topics ranging from Amy Winehouse and other “damaged divas" to the bare shoulders that shocked the Grand Old Opry.

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Experience Music Project

KEXP/EMP Music History Series
Today’s music is undoubtedly influenced by the music of yesterday, which was in turn influenced by music past. The special Music History Series that was created jointly by KEXP and Experience Music Project brings you short histories of significant popular artists and styles of music.

In this section you will find music and information about artists including Air, Bob Mould, Grandmaster Flash, David Bowie and James Brown.


NPR Music Highlights
KEXP is proud to present music highlights from National Public Radio (NPR). These audio features, originally aired on NPR programs like All Songs Considered, are updated frequently.