Throwaway Style: An Interview With Ryan Dyck, Label Manager of Mint Records

Martin Douglas interviews the label manager of one of the Canada's most important independent labels.

Treefort Music Festival Day 3: On Chong the Nomad's Space-Age Roller Rink Party

Martin Douglas' Treefort coverage continues with an astounding set by the Seattle producer.

Throwaway Style: Seattle's Life in Quarantine

Martin Douglas reaches out to a handful of Throwaway Style alumni about how COVID-19 is affecting their lives personally and artistically.

Big in the United States: The Influence of Japanese Garage-Rock on U.S. Music

Martin Douglas tells the story of how three rock ‘n roll bands from Japan became influential American touchstones.

Rewind: Ty Segall's Melted Turns 10

Martin Douglas revisits the California garage rocker's 2010 "anti-masterpiece."

A Bluffer's Guide to AJ Dávila

Are you looking to bluff your way through a conversation about one of Puerto Rico's preeminent contemporary songwriting talents? Martin Douglas has you covered.

Treefort Music Festival Day 4: Tengo un Resfrío and Other Short Stories

Martin Douglas' Treefort coverage continues with two stellar Northwest bands and a travel-sized pack of cold medicine.

Throwaway Style: The Dreaded Confessions of Wolftone

How does a child musician turned punk journeyman become one of the most talented and sought after hip-hop producers in Seattle? Martin Douglas investigates.

Julia Shapiro on Home Recording and Huge Life Changes

Martin Douglas speaks to the Chastity Belt frontwoman about her very personal solo debut Perfect Version.

A Small Handful of Strongly Recommended Acts to Check Out at Capitol Hill Block Party 2019

Martin Douglas handpicks a few acts you should definitely see at this weekend's midsummer music extravaganza.

Throwaway Style: A Wholesome Interview with Dogbreth

Martin Douglas speaks to three-fourths of the power-pop band about their new album Ever Loving.

On Grief, Humor, and the Power of the Do-Rag: An Interview With Thundercat

Martin Douglas speaks to the superstar bassist about friendship, loss, and his new album It Is What It Is.

Weep Wave Stare Into "The Void" on Their New Single (KEXP Premiere)

The Seattle band's newest single is a heaving bout with COVID-induced paranoia. Martin Douglas explores.

Throwaway Style: The 24 Karat Shine of Goldenbeets

The rising, Portland-based hip-hop producer lets Martin Douglas in on his golden era influences, his process, and the banger that put him on the map.

Throwaway Style: Basking in the Seasons of Weep Wave's S.A.D.

Throwaway Style returns as Martin Douglas explores the Seattle band's recent high-concept full-length.

Throwaway Style: The Grainy Rush of Table Sugar

A playful sense of experimentation is on thrilling display in the Olympia quartet's distinct brand of art-punk. Martin Douglas explores their pair of quick full-length releases.

Throwaway Style: Sloucher Turns Up the Volume on Be True

The Seattle band's debut album explores the strain of depression and deteriorating relationships (mostly) from behind a wall of sound. Martin Douglas investigates.

Album Review: MIKE Sheds tears of joy and Refines His Craft

The 20-year-old transatlantic rapper delivers his first project of 2019 with sterling results. Martin Douglas explores.

Made Those Dreams Inside a Cash App: Shabazz Palaces' The Don of Diamond Dreams

Martin Douglas explores the astral soundscapes of the Seattle duo's fifth full-length.

Throwaway Style: Lithics Build a Tower of Age Out of Serrated Post-Punk

The Portland quartet returns with another stellar set of art-damaged dance music. Martin Douglas takes a look.

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