Shaking Off Psychic Strain: A Live Music Heals Essay by Martin Douglas

Martin Douglas chronicles nearly half a lifetime of live music healing the wounds of life.

Living Singles: Martin Douglas on Songs from Chester Watson, Dummy, and OSEES

In KEXP's weekly series Living Singles, KEXP staff contributors highlight three brand new singles that are resonating with them right now. Martin Douglas discusses his picks alongside Sound & Vision interim producer Rachel Stevens.

An Open Letter to My White Allies

A letter from KEXP writer Martin Douglas

Throwaway Style: Always Searching for Mr. Wrong

Martin Douglas explores the work of the fun and outspoken Portland trio.

Scenes from Things You Missed: A Mixtape for My Dead Friend

Martin Douglas tells a story about his friend and makes a mix.

Throwaway Style: An Interview With the Black Tones

Martin Douglas speaks with the sibling rock 'n roll duo about an array of topics in this lengthy conversation.

Throwaway Style: You Have an Acid Tongue

Martin Douglas dives into the history of the power-pop band on the eve of the release of their immersive sophomore album.

Who Stole the Soul from Rock 'n Roll?

Martin Douglas digs for the Black roots of rock 'n roll music in this personal and historical essay.

Real Neighbors: A Conversation with Armand Hammer

Martin Douglas speaks with the rap superduo about their partnership, the range of their discography, and much more.

Throwaway Style: Purging the Treasure Chest #1

In the first installment of (perhaps) a new series, Martin Douglas has a weird, weird time with three local singles.

Throwaway Style: Purging the Treasure Chest #2

Martin Douglas' short fiction series is back, using three of the year's best songs as an exploration of grief.

Treefort Music Festival Day 2: On Whitney Ballen and Fighting Back Tears in Public

Martin Douglas' coverage from Boise continues with a set from the Seattle singer/songwriter.

Requiem for a Fake Punk

To culminate KEXP's Punk Month, Martin Douglas explores his life through the cracked prism of punk rock music.

A Decade of Solitude: Returning to Capitol Hill Block Party

For the first time in a decade, Martin Douglas journeys into the mouth of the beast that is Capitol Hill Block Party.

Throwaway Style: Falling in and Falling Out with Dude York

The Seattle pop-punk trio discuss their new album and the emotional properties of nostalgia with Martin Douglas.

The Life, Death, and Rebirth of Vivian Girls: A Critical Overview

Martin Douglas takes a deep dive into the punk trio's four full -lengths.

Throwaway Style: Purging the Treasure Chest #3

Martin Douglas' local music-inspired short fiction series returns with flying cars and smoldering debris.

Throwaway Style: Porter Ray's Lyrical Ballet

Martin Douglas examines 'When Words Dance,' the Central District MC's latest opus.

The Illest Villain: A Tribute to MF DOOM

Martin Douglas pays his respects to one of hip-hop music's most confounding yet beloved disruptors.

Throwaway Style: Playtime (and Cultural Dread) with Rachaels Children

Martin Douglas has witnessed the future of Seattle's punk scene and spoke to its prinicpal songwriters.

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