Amplifiers Love Week 2020

Donors Share Their Stories of
Why "I Power KEXP"

KEXP donors share - in their own words - stories of finding music and connection through KEXP.

"I'm a teacher with kids of my own at home. KEXP is what's giving us life right now. We can't really make mornings happen around here without KEXP." -Alicia

"I'm getting through the lockdown by working as a delivery driver ten hours a day, seven days a week. I've delivered food to hospital workers, the army corps of engineers right after they got off their huge plane at Boeing field, and to DJ Cheryl Waters. KEXP has been playing on my radio the entire time... and it's like having a friend in the car with me."
- Kyler, Seattle WA

"I'm 29 now and I've been following KEXP since high school. As a first generation immigrant, it's sometimes hard to watch your parents struggle with Western culture. But a great source of joy for my father and I has been KEXP's live studio performances. I'm so grateful to be able to share these awesome sessions with my father, such as his favorite, The War on Drugs, or my favorite, We Were Promised Jetpacks. During this difficult time, I figure some Amplifiers might be forced to suspend donations, so what better time for me to get involved?"
-Michael, Huntington Beach CA

"KEXP has gotten me through some dark days, especially the overnight DJs. When I can't sleep, I will lie curled up in bed with my clock radio and listen. The music is always good, but it doesn't really mater what song is playing -- I listen during those times really for the DJ breaks. It is so important to me to hear REAL, not pre-recorded, voices. And I always know it's not just me -- there is at least one other person out there listening, too. Somehow, that helps. It's like a warm, gentle, audio hug!"
- Courtney, Port Orchard WA

"I love that KEXP connects me to my local and global communities and makes this ever-changing world feel more human. It's a rare station that's so dedicated to making empathy part of its programming, which is why I'll likely be an Amplifier for life."
- Chad, Seattle WA


"I'm a restauranteur in Missouri, and when Covid-19 started to spread, we faced intense Covid skepticism in our area. But people in my circle were depending on me for guidance. I was listening to KEXP often during the initial outbreak, and I took the DJs’ empathetic responses and expressed that same positive outlook to my community. During quarantine I've been listening to KEXP for hours and have since bought a bunch of vinyl from my new favorite Seattle artists. The great music plus constant positivity make me want to say "thank you" with all the love I can. Thank you KEXP. We are not alone, and we are listening."
- Doug, Springfield MO

"I have been a longtime listener, and was an Amplifier in the past. During this pandemic KEXP's dedication and inspiration has been a life preserver for me. As a health care worker, it has kept me afloat as I drive into work each day. Some days I have cried, some days laughed, and others screamed....but KEXP has helped me to make it. This month, I became a proud Amplifier again."
-Erin, Seattle WA

"I have a deep love and appreciation for KEXP, and the role it plays not only in our community, but all over the world. I am so grateful to have real human beings behind the mic who are able to respond to things like the current pandemic, or the passing of a much-loved musician. KEXP restores my faith in humanity on a daily, if not hourly, basis! I will never take such things for granted ever again!"
- Randy, Seattle WA

"KEXP has always been valuable, but you've been so much more so to me during this quarantine as a means of hearing from others in the area and worldwide... DJs, other listeners... while staying home and keeping a strong playlist of music. Thanks for serving as an audio lifeline in these times!"
- Brad, Seattle WA

"I'm a teacher with kids of my own at home. Today as I was 'teaching' my 6th graders online, and my husband started his 'work day' ankle deep in Legos with our boys, he cranked Dance Yrself Clean and texted me: KEXP is what's giving us life right now. He's right, we can't really make mornings happen around here without KEXP. Thank you for all the spontaneous dance parties and the fact that my sons have never known a Friday without the Friday song. We love you."
- Alicia, Seattle WA

"With school canceled for the rest of this year, I've been trying everything I could think of to stay in touch with my students. About a month ago, I filmed a YouTube video in the KEXP courtyard. It looked goofy, but it was my way of saying thanks to everyone at KEXP for being amazing, and to remind anyone watching that every workout is better with great music. The next day, I woke up to hear a request for M83's Frog Song from two of my students, which was quickly followed by an inbox full of emails and texts. It was a powerful reminder that you are not alone."
- Kirby, Seattle WA


"I've never donated before now, but I love KEXP. Everything about it. Last year about this time, I started listening to radio to cut down on watching TV. Now, working from home, KEXP has become essential to my sanity. One bad thing about KEXP? I find myself spending more money on records now because of all the music I'm hearing. I love you guys and can't shut up about you!"
- David, Everett WA     

"I'm staying isolated and teaching high school art online. And I live alone, so to keep from being terrified, I am picky about who or what I put into my head. KEXP is the soundtrack for my life these days!  I love you all but special shout out to DJ Alex and Pacific Notions!"
- Christanthy, Lantana FL

"Just a BIG thank you for what y'all are doing, putting such good and diverse music in our lives. I discovered the radio years ago when I was still living in France (via YouTube) and I have been tuning in since then. I live on a sailboat in New Orleans where music everywhere, but KEXP is on with me every day. It is the first time that I am donating though, and I will try to make this more regular in the future if this can keep you guys afloat!"
- Romain, New Orleans LA

"I am powering KEXP today becuase they have become a part of my 'new' daily routine during isolation. And hearing the words 'you are not alone...' well, that is the reminder we all need. All that, and KEXP has the most incredible and gifted DJs! I am so thankful for each and every one of them."
-J. Matt, Blaine County ID

"Thanks for all you are doing to keep our community connected! I live alone and have been feeling especially isolated during this time, but having KEXP on in the background in my apartment makes me feel just a little less lonely and a little more connected. Grateful for KEXP!"
- Lauren, Seattle WA

"Throughout my life, music has inspired me to be better, to be happier, to be okay with not being perfect and to accept others as they are. Listening to KEXP, there’s a personal connection I feel with the DJs - especially now, during the COVID-19 pandemic. Every morning I look forward to tuning in, as I know the music will provide me with the beauty, tragedy, heartbreak, inspiration and happiness that is the human experience. Thanks for making life better, KEXP!" 
-Darren, Seattle WA




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