Amplifiers Love Week 2020

Why I Power KEXP:
Amplifiers Share Their Stories

KEXP Amplifiers sharein their own wordsstories of finding music and connection through KEXP.

"Being an Amplifier means supporting an organization and community that provides the soundtrack to our life. In happiness, sadness, love, fear, anger, music and KEXP are there." -Darren and Ceci

"KEXP puts me in a better place and that's where I want to be during these very strange times." -Swirly

"KEXP reminds me of that friend we all had in high school that would run up with a mad look in their eyes, babbling about some new record they just bought or band they just saw or video they just watched and just dying to share it with you. That, except it's the whole staff [at KEXP]! I really get the feeling that 'the station' is really just a bunch of like-minded folks who just want to share cool things. And really, we could all use more cool things in our lives. Thanks for sharing cool things." -Brian

"I live alone and have been feeling especially isolated during this time, but having KEXP on in my apartment makes me feel just a little less lonely and a little more connected." -Lauren

"I'm an Amplifier because KEXP continuously amplifies the voice, music, and art from all cultures. This inclusiveness is something that is extremely rare to find and listen to, especially on the radio. As someone of Asian heritage, it is especially wonderful to have KEXP continuously amplify and celebrate the voices of Asian American/Pacific Islanders (AAPI) as we all try to get through these trying times. There's no doubt I will continue to be an Amplifier." - Andrew

"Being an Amplifier means that I can help KEXP bring music to communities near and far. Music is important - it heals, it unites, it protects. It's passion, it's emotion, it's light and it's dark. Music is like air and I need it to breathe." -Stacy

"KEXP is my music discovery engine. The various DJs and shows have introduced me to so many new bands that I would never have encountered otherwise. You can feel the love in the voices of the on air staff when they are gushing about their latest musical crush. It is that kind of human touch that makes KEXP worth every cent I donate as an Amplifier donor." -Marco

"I Amplify KEXP because KCMU was one of the greatest things about Seattle and now KEXP has become one of the greatest things about the world. Millions of years ago I was headed across the Ballard bridge when I heard the radio call out, 'KCMU, all the hits of today, yesterday, and the day before that!' Been sold ever since." -John (In The Rest of the Day)

“I am so grateful to have real human beings behind the mic who are able to respond to things like the current pandemic. KEXP restores my faith in humanity on a daily, if not hourly, basis!” -Randy

"I was introduced to KEXP by my late husband on our first trip to Seattle in 2010. He bought a KEXP t-shirt at DesTee Nation in Freemont on one of our last days in the city. The following year we became members of the Amplifiers Club because we were listening to the station so much from our home in Toronto. The Mom Show in 2015 was exactly what I needed because my husband had died unexpectedly almost one month to the day...Radiohead, Arcade Fire, The Mountain Goats. 'Trouble' by TV on the Radio became my theme song for the next year." -Dawn

"As a first generation immigrant, it's sometimes hard to watch your parents struggle with Western culture. But a great source of joy for my father and I has been KEXP's live studio performances. I'm so grateful to be able to share these awesome sessions with my father, such as his favorite, The War on Drugs, or my favorite, We Were Promised Jetpacks. During this difficult time, I figure some Amplifiers might be forced to suspend donations, so what better time for me to get involved?" -Michael

"During this pandemic, KEXP has been a life  preserver for me. As a healthcare worker, it has kept me afloat as I drive in to work each day.” -Erin

"I love that KEXP connects me to my local and global communities and makes this ever-changing world feel more human. It's a rare station that's so dedicated to making empathy part of its programming, which is why I'll likely be an Amplifier for life." - Chad

"I'm a restaurateur in Missouri, and when Covid-19 started to spread, we faced intense Covid skepticism in our area. But people in my circle were depending on me for guidance. I was listening to KEXP often during the initial outbreak, and I took the DJs’ empathetic responses and expressed that same positive outlook to my community. During quarantine I've been listening to KEXP for hours and have since bought a bunch of vinyl from my new favorite Seattle artists. The great music plus constant positivity make me want to say "thank you" with all the love I can. We are not alone, and we are listening." - Doug

"Seattle and KEXP have introduced me to more favorite musicians than I could count. I proudly share [KEXP] with friends and I rock my KEXP hoodie whenever I travel. Dinner parties and brunches are planned around KEXP shows. Thanks to KEXP for being a part of my life!" -Jesse

"I'm honored to be a KEXP Amplifier, because KEXP amplifies the voices in my community that I need to hear." -Kate

"I didn’t think I could love KEXP more after the creation of International Clash Day. But then there was hearing Kevin read my email and play my requests during the first Music Heals cancer show. And then there was Mixtape Week and hearing Cheryl play seven songs from my chicken-themed mix. And now there is our common experience of this pandemic, and the daily lifeline of hearing [the DJs'] voices through the constant whirlwind of emotions produced by the general uncertainty and isolating effect of social distancing. You are all my best friends that I don’t know, but actually do know thanks to your vulnerability and compassion. Thank you for all the music, and all of yourselves, that you’ve shared with me." -Jay

"I'm a teacher with kids of my own at home. Today as I was 'teaching' my 6th graders online, and my husband started his 'work day' ankle deep in Legos with our boys, he cranked Dance Yrself Clean and texted me: KEXP is what's giving us life right now. He's right, we can't really make mornings happen around here without KEXP. Thank you for all the spontaneous dance parties and the fact that my sons have never known a Friday without the Friday song. We love you." - Alicia

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