Happy Amplifiers Love Day! August 5, 2022


Happy Amplifiers Love Day 2022!
Friday, August 5th


Amplifiers are some of KEXP’s most committed donors, making monthly gifts of $6 or more to support the music they love. By doing so, Amplifiers ensure KEXP’s dynamic, independent, and responsive programming continues to flourish year after year. With almost 20,000 Amplifiers, this community of donors play an essential role in championing the sounds and stories you hear everyday, and always keeping the music rooted in a human-to-human experience. Thank you, Amplifiers, for your ongoing commitment to music discovery and community!  

On August 5th we’re celebrating Amplifiers Love Day to thank these monthly donors, past and present, by sharing their stories and song requests all day. Tune in as we spend a day giving thanks to Amplifiers!

Whether you’ve been an Amplifier for years, just joined today, or if you’ve had to start and stop your Amplifer gift as life changes—today we’re saying thank you for keeping KEXP in your heart from month to month, year to year. 

If you’re not yet an Amplifier and would like to be, join this impactful group of supporters by donating now! As an Amplifier, your monthly contribution makes KEXP and all our programming possible, plus you get to choose new thank you gifts to rep the station each year during your “Amp-liversary”. 

We hope you feel our gratitude not just today, but every day of the year. Happy Amplifiers Love Day!