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Mike McCormick


Mike McCormick : Mind Over Matters, Sat & Sun 6-9AM
MOM features provocative speakers who focus on social, political, economic and spiritual issues that you won’t hear on the corporate controlled radio stations.

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Freelance photographer/videographer

Years of producing alternative media combined with a background in local social activism have brought me in contact with many of the people who are at the forefront of social change in our society.

Working as the public affairs coordinator at KEXP allows me to help others tell/convey their stories, many of which don’t fit the “if it bleeds it leads” formula of the corporate media and therefore wouldn’t be covered by those businesses. By working with members of our community I hope to both illuminate our listeners to people and ideas they might not regularly come in contact with and also to demonstrate the unique and common threads that run through each of our individual lives.

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