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DJ Mr Smith


Mr. Smith : Variety Mix - Substitute

Time at station:
On-air as needed since September of 2003 - at KEXP since July 2002.

Real job:
This is a real job...

I am also here at KEXP daily, working with businesses to who support the station through underwriting.

I pleaded with my mother to buy me my first 45′s at a K-mart in Lewiston Idaho: they were Helen Reddy’s “Ain’t No Way To Treat A Lady” and the Theme From Happy Days. The first LP I bought with my own allowance was KISS “Alive II” from some grocery store in Wenatchee. Later that year I was deeply embarrassed when my grandparents decided they’d listen to my new Queen LP - they played side-two first, leading off with the salacious “Get Down Make Love”, finally remarking that SOME of the songs had nice melodies.

Somewhere along the line I found some other records I liked, and well... HERE I AM. At this particular moment (7/16/04, 3:20 PM), I wouldn’t want to consider a life without the following 15 songs in the peripheral:

Gang Of 4: What We All Want
Radio National: Back Seat Queen
Aztec Camera: Knife
Helio Sequence: Blood Bleeds
Denise LaSalle: Overtime
Replacements: Sixteen Blue
White Stripes: The Same Boy You’ve Always Known
David Bowie: Sweet Thing/Candidate/Sweet Thing
Radiohead: Lucky
Thin Lizzy: Don’t Believe A Word
Thelonious Monster: Looking To The West
Magnetic Fields: I Thought You Were My Boyfriend
Comsat Angels: Gone
Ponys: I’ll Make You A Star
Roxy Music: The Thrill Of It All

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