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The KEXP Northwest music chart for November, 2004
1. Blue Scholars - Blue Scholars (self-released)
2. Nirvana - With the Lights Out (Geffen)
3. Viva Voce - The Heat Can Melt Your Brain (Minty Fresh)
4. Visqueen - Sunset on Dateland (BlueDisguise)
5. The Transmissionary Six - Get Down (Film Guerrero)
6. Dolorean - Violence in the Snowy Fields (Yep Roc)
7. Ms. Led - These Things We Say (Fish the Cat)
8. The Lights - Wood + Wire ep (Childstar)
9. The Riffbrokers - Fix It If You Hate It (Unsmashable)
10. Verona - Rumored to Whisper Suspicions (Lujo)

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