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Listener Comments

I love KEXP and wouldn't make it through my day without listening to it!

I moved to Seattle because of the station mainly. It's the best. I'm wearing my shirt from last year's pledge drive right now at work. Funny. I'll be there helping out at this pledge drive again. Thanks for everything you provide.

Filipino listeners have a limited music resource. Your online audio streams are able to satisfy hungry listeners such as myself. Thank god for the internet!

A fabulous tool that keeps me as hip as possible. I'd be a giant dork without it.

Since I don't live in Seattle or even in the United States, I am thankful for the webcast so I can enjoy my favourite radio station every day.

Keep it up. I enjoy KEXP because it provides me with a continuous influx of new music from different genres. I get bored with other stations but not KEXP. I enjoy all types of music and I am often bored with popular artists today. There are so many other bands that I would not have discovered if it had not been for KEXP. I am a member and will continue to support this station as long as it is on the air (even thought I live in Dallas, TX). The website is key because it is my only access to this programming.

I pledge because of their online streaming. I listen everyday for about 6 hours a day and would be lost without it. I am so grateful for KEXP's great online presence.

I love the high-quality stream. All the other streaming radio stations I listen to just don't have the sound quality to do justice to the music.

There is little doubt in my mind that this station should be the most listened to in the Seattle area, if not the entire United States. John is rad. Amanda Wilde kicks mad arse in the afternoon. Great driving music, great to play video games with. Peace and a bucket of hairgrease.

I live in Columbus, Ohio and since visiting Seattle to see my brother I've listened to kexp every day on my work PC.

I live in Guadalajara, Mexico. As much as I like Mariachi music if it weren't for KEXP and especially "Swingin' Doors" I might drink too much tequila. I promise to donate money as soon as I can afford it.

Invaluable. A major reason I've stayed in Seattle is due to KEXP. With web streaming enabling me to listen anywhere in the world, moving to a different city won't be so bad.

I ABSOLUTELY treasure your streaming audio and I promise to pledge this year!!!!!!!!!

I work in a cubicle and listen from the moment I log on to my computer till the moment I leave the office.

Thank you for streaming your broadcast. For someone stuck in middle America, the middle of the plains Midwest, it is a lifesaver!!!!

It’s absolutely great concerning the website, information, playlist-info and especially the music programs and their DJ’s. - Germany

Thank God, Allah and whoever else might deserve credit, that KEXP is available on line!!!! I recently moved from Seattle to NYC and am disgusted by the radio in this area.

State-of-the-art; best I know & I live near Boston, a relative radio-land mecca. Used to listen to KCMU - Leon Berman & African programming especially - when lived in Seattle in 1988.

The streaming archive is very cool - easily my favorite feature about KEXP's website as I usually miss my favorite programs (Wo' Pop and DJ Riz) when they air.