Music Heals: Addiction & Recovery

On Thursday, May 23rd, KEXP presents Music Heals: Addiction & Recovery, featuring a full day of on-air programming dedicated to music’s power to heal, overcome addiction, inspire recovery and reduce the stigma around substance use disorder. Below, find some of the stories from artists on their experiences with addiction and recovery as well as resources for those who may be struggling with addiction today. 


Patrick Stickles on how making music helps him cope with his addictions and his neurodiversity.

Lillie West on choosing sobriety and how its impacted her life, music, and career.

On his experiences having a parent who is an addict and the themes reflected on his latest album.

Inspired by a Mitski tweet, we look into what touring musicians crave on the road to stay healthy and comfortable.

The legendary R.E.M. guitarist discusses collaborating with Joseph Arthur and the choices he’s made to make room for hope in his life.

The songwriter opens up about her experiences with addiction and finding the place where she belongs.

The former The Head and the Heart member discusses sobriety and recovery.

LIVE from London for International Clash Day

Each year on February 7th, music lovers all over the world observe International Clash Day, an annual celebration of seminal UK punk band the Clash, and a recognition of the enduring influence of their music and human rights message.

This year, KEXP traveled to London for a 4-day live broadcast and online event, featuring live performances, exclusive interviews, with a special focus on music and message in The Clash’s landmark album London Calling, which celebrates its 40th year in 2019. Watch some of our London sessions from Studio 9294 below.

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