KEXP at Trans Musicales: Gloria

Live Video, Trans Musicales

Today, we kick off sharing our discoveries from the Trans Musicales festival in Rennes, France, where last December we captured twelve exclusive sessions. We’re sharing with you one unique session per week, and you can watch all the previously released ones here. This week’s feature is of Gloria.

DJ Morgan says of the experience:

Gloria is the project of Kid Victrola, who has been obsessed with 60s girl groups since he was a child and always wanted to put together a band like this. He composed every song long before Gloria became a reality and a year and a half ago recruited his family and friends to record and perform with him. Gloria consists of three female vocalists, Baby B (sister of Kid Victrola) Wendy (his soon-to-be wife), and singer/keyboardist Amy. On bass is Thomas and on drums is Josselin who are related to each other by marriage (brothers-in-law). Together they create lush, atmospheric, and wonderfully familiar 60s psychedelic girl-group inspired songs and fill out the vibe perfectly with period-appropriate outfits to boot. Their full length debut In Excelsis Stereo came out November 2016 and they have a new 6 song EP due out in March of 2018 called Oidophon Echorama, 2 songs from which they played during their session so you will be able to hear them ahead of the release once we launch the video. I cannot recommend their music enough!

Watch our live session, recorded at Musée des beaux arts de Rennes, below.

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Live Video Trans Musicales

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