KEXP Suggests: Balanced Breakfast 7/8

KEXP Suggests
Jasmine Albertson

Ask any musician who's made the rather courageous attempt to take their career seriously and they'll tell you how confusing and complicated the music industry is. Especially in 2017, where the rules are changing at a near-constant speed in an effort to keep up with technology. it can be easy to throw in the towel completely. That's where Balanced Breakfast comes in. Originally started in San Francisco, Balanced Breakfast brings together local music industry artists and professionals to meet for breakfast on a regular basis. Now with meetings in Oakland, San Jose, Los Angeles, San Diego, Denver, Nashville, Austin, Boston, Toronto, Bogota and, as of last month, Seattle, attendees talk about actions they can employ that will help the local scene become a place where musicians & industry professionals can make substantial progress doing what they love (music).

The Seattle chapter is hosted by Christopher Russell and Lyle Burns of The Noise Complaints Group, a collective group of audiophiles, marketing mavens, digital junkies, and cultural tastemakers who specialize in empowering creatives and artists in the digital age by providing consulting services, ranging from ebooks to workshops to one-on-one coaching for both indie artists and artists signed to a label.

Every Balanced Breakfast meeting has a different discussion topic to help deliver true value to everyone that attends and this month's is: Becoming a Local Celebrity: Why it's important to have a strong and loyal fan base in Seattle. Sounds interesting! I wonder if Macklemore will show up.

Balanced Breakfast meets in the KEXP Gathering Space this Saturday, July 8th at 11am.

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