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  • The eternally sarcastic Father John Misty has created a country version of the title track off his latest album Pure Comedy. Clearly intentioned as parody, Josh Tillman puts on a country accent and changes the instrumentation, adding the exclaim: "That's right boys, bring it on home!" He even accidentally lets out a laugh at one point. The caption below the YouTube video says “now libs and chuds each have their own version to weaponize.” [ Under the Radar ]
  • New Jersey punk trio Screaming Females have unveiled the second single off their forthcoming seventh album All At Once, along with a video. Called "Glass House," the clip for the powerful track features the band sitting in a white room while a waiter breaks glass vases over their heads. The track follows lead single "Black Moon." All At Once will be out February 23 via Don Giovanni. [ Paste ]
  • The Knife's Karin Dreijer Andersson has announced the return of her solo project Fever Ray. Suspicions of something new bubbled after the Fever Ray Facebook page changed its profile and cover photos, advertising something called "Karma Kinksters" with a telephone number (of which, calls to won't go through). She then released a preview clip called "Switch Seeks Same," soundtracked by a new song (likely of the same name). The last, and only, Fever Ray album was released back in 2009 when the Knife was on hiatus. In the video, a portion of the text says, “It’s been eight years and much has been learned and unlearned. Eight years of defeat and growth, eight years of caring and being cared for, eight years of loving and being loved.” [ Pitchfork ]
  • In the wake of the illuminating allegations of sexual assault from Harvey Weinstein, women have been coming forward in droves calling out the men who have abused them. Icelandic chanteuse Björk has come forward with her own story about "a Danish director" who many believe to be Lars Von Trier. Björk worked with him on Dancer In The Dark in 2000. In a statement she said of her experience, "it was extremely clear to me when i walked into the actresses profession that my humiliation and role as a lesser sexually harassed being was the norm and set in stone with the director and a staff of dozens who enabled it and encouraged it. i became aware of that it is a universal thing that a director can touch and harass his actresses at will and the institution of film allows it." [ Stereogum ]
  • Christopher Owens, former frontman of the beloved band Girls, has a new band called Curls who are releasing an EP called Vante. The trio -- made up of Owens on vocals and guitar, Cody Rhodes on drums, and Luke Baće on bass -- shared the first single "Emotion" last month. Today, we've received the second single, "Gentle and Kind," which follows its namesake by being incredibly gentle (and possibly kind). Vante is out November 7 on Urban Scandal Records. Listen to the song on SPIN. [ SPIN ]

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Daily Roundups

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Daily Roundups

Friday Music News

Charly Bliss has shared a new video, perfect for Friday the 13th, for Guppy track "Scare U." Directed by lead singer Eva Hendricks and Andrew Costa, the clip is inspired by an episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer called "Doublemeat Palace" from season six of the show. It casts Hendricks as a train...

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