Review Revue: Saqqara Dogs - World Crunch

Review Revue
Levi Fuller

Saqqara Dogs seems to be yet another band that absolutely delighted a certain subset of nerdy college radio DJs (and soon-to-be-incredibly-influential New York Times music critics - you've got to love any band that forces the Times to refer to someone as "Mr. 66"), but didn't seem to make much of a splash beyond that - which could be partially due to only having released one EP and one full-length album. Fortunately we have a wonderful world of music nerds at Discogs, Trouser Press, and other places (not to mention that NYT archive ) to help document the details (not to mention the YouTube music nerds who let us actually hear the music in question). I guess you can now count this blog post and these 1987 DJ reviews as another piece of that puzzle. Saqqara Dogs may not have done much under that name in the past 30 years, but this band sounds totally up my alley, and I thank the KEXP record stacks for bringing them to my attention.

"Some good stuff here. Semi-Goth guitars with Middle Eastern percussion. Lyrics are minimal; the songs create atmosphere more than anything else. Nice."

"Pretty mediocre. 1.2 is painfully bad. Be careful."

"I like it. Just as J.S. [first review] says. Side 2 long but eventful."

"I really like this. a move to M?"

"This is great! Greenwich Mean Time! Is excellent. Well, excellent in its own way. It's very good, unique!"

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