Review Revue: The Seclusions - Isolation for Creation

Review Revue
Levi Fuller

Okay, I have no idea what is going on here, and for once the Internet and KMCU DJ comments are mostly giving me more questions than answers. Starting with Discogs, which seems to have the only solid info on this release out there, we have before us an album from early 1984 by The Seclusions, featuring a fascinating array of different musicians and backing vocalists performing on it - from Joey Ramone to Busta "Cherry" Jones to Jimmy Rip (who has been covering Richard Lloyd's parts in Television, and probably making up some of his own, for the past decade and doing a damn fine job of it). The only through line seems to be a vocalist/songwriter named Randy Dash, about whom I am finding pretty much zero information. There are some originals and some fascinating cover choices and the record is pink - but then later it's black - and... I don't know, I'm very confused.

If anybody knows anything more about this release, feel free to share it in the comments. In the meantime, let's jump back to 1984 and see what the DJs had to say, which is entertaining if somewhat lacking in information.

"Yow! Pink disc! From NYC, and features many famous types on backing vocals, etc. (see cover) a well as Busta 'Cherry' Jones on bass! Lots of cool covers, too!! From the Yardies to the Blues Magoos to Iron Butterfly!!"

"Covers seem kind of uninspired at first, but grow on you (like [illegible, could be 'an odor?']?)"

"Shapes of Things bent out of..." [Huh?]

"Busta, he doon weirdest thins these days."

"Green Fuz is a great remake."

"This is great!"

"Black vinyl! Damn! I like the pink!" [WHERE DID THE PINK GO???]

"I hope you wrote that swear word between 10 pm and 5 am..." [I always love a good safe harbor joke, but I think even in 1984 you could probably say "damn" on the radio.]

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