Review Revue: Inspiral Carpets - Life

Review Revue
Levi Fuller

I feel like it's been a while since we featured some album-cover reviews with a solid dose of healthy disagreement and debate. And it may be a while yet, because honestly, while there was plenty of disagreement at KCMU circa 1990 around the Manchester band Inspiral Carpets' LP Life, it wasn't particularly healthy, and I don't know if I would say it exactly rose to the level of debate. But perhaps that's appropriate for a band whose personnel had already undergone several changes between its formation in 1983 and the release of their debut album in 1990 - and who still seem to have band members coming and going for undisclosed reasons well into the 21st century. What follows may not be NME, but it is pretty entertaining. Grab your oversized cow t-shirt, get the light show going, and jump up and down while you read for maximum enjoyment.

"Also on CD."

"KCMU welcomes to the Off Ramp on Tues, Feb 26th!"

"Cool as **** man." [This isn't me being censorious, this person actually hand-wrote "****"]

"Where they played a mightily impressive show. Powerful music, strong singing, lovely pop melodies, and a great light show. All thoese weird shapes & colors, plus creative use of smoke. Very unusual to see inside the Off Ramp."

"My corneas still ache! It was like frigging laser surgery."

"Too dated. They suck."

"Maybe that's why they're dated so often!"

"Please sign your name. Thanks."

"Some real good stuff here, in the Teardop Explodes vein. Especially 2.2."

"Too dated. They suck. -TAC"

"You don't have to wear black patent leather shoes to be hip."

"But it helps!"

"This album belongs in H."

"Check comments on CD. [Ah! My dear readers, I'm afraid I have let you down, as I have only documented the comments on the LP.] Good listener response."

"This is a piece of shit."

"Ignore this. He must be over 21."

"Kinda dull live, could have been a tape. Nice lites, tho."

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