Naked as We Came: KEXP's National Nude Day Video Roundup

Video Roundup
Janice Headley
Kris Orlowski and band // photo by Morgen Schuler (view set)

Weren't we just saying there seems to be a day for everything? Well, today is National Nude Day. We're not sure exactly how this day came to be, but research shows it began in 1976 in New Zealand. (No wonder Flight of the Conchords wrote that song!) Incidentally, today also happens to be Bastille Day, and the French are renowned for their nude beaches, and hold the longest tradition of clothing-optional shores. (If that ain't enough French stuff for you, check out yesterday's roundup, too.) We're not sure what Seattle is up to; the Nudists of Washington State haven't updated their Facebook page in a while. No matter where your lack of clothing takes you, KEXP has your soundtrack with this Video Roundup (and don't forget the sunscreen, people):

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