KEXP Fall Fundraising Drive: That Special Connection

Fundraising Drives

The 2015 Fall Fundraising Drive starts today, and you can feel the excitement coursing through KEXP. We’re all about the feels here on listener-powered radio—and music lovers pick up on that when they tune in, like Lazlo in Washington DC:
"Sometimes I really do feel a spiritual connection to KEXP. I've been listening for so long that my sense of style, music, and who I am is inexorably intertwined to this station...

Last night, I was explaining to my girlfriend about “Rainbow Connection.” How it was an amazingly beautiful song, one of my favorite songs of all time. It was my birthday, so she indulged me and let me play it and sing along. It was the perfect endcap to my evening...

This morning as I'm sitting down to work, a big smile crept across my face as I heard the opening lines of “Rainbow Connection” come through my headphones. A warm feeling swelled in my chest. Thanks for keeping the good vibes coming and extending that buttery birthday feeling into the next morning.”

There’s no reasoning with the power music exerts over you. Whether the artist is Kermit the Frog, Caribou, or Neko Case, I believe there’s a song or two that always makes you feel special, too.

You know what else feels special? Making those moments possible - and that’s exactly what you do when you make a gift to support commercial-free KEXP.

Donate to KEXP!

Your gift right now helps guarantee that you’ll always find your special “connection” when you tune into KEXP, whether you’re a lover, a dreamer, or a banjo-strumming amphibian on a lilypad.

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Fundraising Drives

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