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Timbrrr! Winter Music Festival is a place where people meet new bands, appreciate those they knew already and came to see, and drink hot toddies! We here at KEXP thought it would be fitting to ask some of the musicians gracing the Leavenworth, WA, stage some wintry-themed questions because, of course, it’s important to know what a singer’s favorite snow activity is when he/she is absolutely killing it on stage. It’s the little things, people! So, without further ado, here are the musicians' unique-snow-flake-like responses:

What is the first thing you're going to do once you get to the snowy little town of Leavenworth?

I think the plan will definitely be: find warm drinks, find snowshoes, get into the wilderness for a little bit. Most likely though, it's actually going to go: find warm drinks, think about snowshoes, enjoy being warmed by beverages, run into Andrew Vait and decide that we should probably find some sauerkraut and music, and see the wilderness some other time. - Navid Elliot, Planes On Paper

What’s the most exciting thing for you to play a festival in Leavenworth with so many great Washington bands?

The most exciting thing about playing Timbrrr! is gonna be prancing around in the Lederhosen that I'm going to sew together for our set. And also the obvious.... SNOW!! - Jessica Dobson, Deep Sea Diver

What is your favorite thing about winter? About music in winter?!?

One of my favorite things has to be watching older holidays movies with my wife and family. My wife and I revisit Scrooged, Elf, Christmas Vacation and Die Hard 1 pretty much every year. About music in winter? Frankly, the last couple of years, it’s because in winter I get a little break from music! A little family, a little eggnog... I had an insanely busy summer, musically, though, and it’s looking like this winter is going to be busy as well. Obviously, I can’t complain. - Ben Harwood, Hobosexual

If you could play one cover for your wintry set at Timbrrr!, what would you choose?

I’ve always wanted to do a big, dramatic Bond-version of “The Crying Game” by Boy George because I think it has a beautiful melody. I can really hear it in my head and when I can hear an alternate production of a song very clearly, that’s when I get inspired to cover a song. Oooh but for Timbrrr!, “Wintertime Love” by The Doors would be pretty perfect – and I really love that song. - Celene Ramadan, Prom Queen

What is your favorite thing to do in the snow?

I like to watch tiny dogs walk outside, sink in it, then walk back inside, curl up on vents no larger than their bodies, and imagine what it’s like to have access to a full-body dryer at the moments when I’ve wanted it the most. - Andrew Hall, Dude York

What car games might you play/music you might listen to on the drive up to Leavenworth for Timbrrr!?

We play with actual Hot Wheels car toys in the car. We make them do sweet flips over Malibu Barbie. For music, we listen to Burt Bacharach Pandora to get super psyched up for the gig! - Andrew Vait, Sisters

What are your hopes traveling from the East Coast to the snowy west? What do you NEED to see/hear?

The most exciting thing about making the trip to Leavenworth and Timbrrr! all the way from The Brooklyn – as I like to call it in response to people in New York, calling Manhattan "The City" – is the fact that (aside from performing for a new audience), we get to see bands/musician that we secretly but openly respect and admire. Kind of unfair not to mention them all, but for the sake of a short answer, I am really looking forward to see SISTERS. I'm hoping to catch and steal some drumming moves from Emily! - Juan Miguel Marin, Legs

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