KEXP Presents: The Art of Music, Series I: POTW (a Poster of the Week exhibit)

KEXP Presents
Janice Headley

Designed by Eroyn Franklin
A walk down the streets of Capitol Hill can be like a walk through a gallery: taped, glued, or plastered to phone poles and sides of buildings are beautifully-designed posters advertising upcoming shows. Aaron Huffman, art director for The Stranger, notices these posters, and for the past eight years, he's been spotlighting his highlights for The Stranger’s Poster of the Week column.

Huffman, his wife Mindy, and Laurie Kearney of Ghost Gallery have teamed up to bring these posters in from the streets: The Art of Music, Series I: POTW (a Poster of the Week exhibit) launches Saturday, July 19th. KEXP is proud to team up The Stranger to sponsor the exhibition.

Designed by Ed Fotheringham
Twenty selected poster designs will be on display at Saint John’s Bar & Eatery. In a press release, Kearney explains, "A poster says volumes about the show it is advertising. Eye-catching, beautiful, humorous, minimal, DIY, you name it. If you’re playing a show, you want your poster to grab people’s attention and lead them to mark their calendars, buy tickets, tell their friends. We are celebrating the ability of these talented artists to accomplish this feat, whether they use innovative postering styles, bold colors, pristine letterpress techniques, or just crazy wild abandon. Poster exhibits are nostalgic, and a fun reminder that our visual art and music communities share more in common with each other than one might think."

Designed by Martin Ontiveros
The artists featured in this first AoM series include: Aaron Bloom, Brian Standeford, C.M.Ruiz, Chelsea Wirtz, Chris Rollins, Derek Vander Griend, Ed Fotheringham, Ellis Latham-Brown, Eroyn Franklin, Gabriel Stromberg, Johann Gomez, Larry Brady, Leigh Riibe, Lisa Orth, Martin Ontiveros, Mike Klay, Sacha Maxim, Sasha Barr, Shogo Ota, Tony Yates, Trevor Bassett, Zack Bolotin (and more TBA). Each artist will display the poster that was featured in The Stranger along with a recent work of their art.

Saint John’s Bar & Eatery is located at 719 E. Pike Street in Seattle. The exhibit will be open through early August.

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