Spring Fundraising Drive: Bigfoot, Aaron Neville, and YOU!

Fundraising Drives
Aaron Neville at KEXP / photo by Renata Steiner

"Help! Bigfoot has me trapped in the kitchen!"

That’s the email I almost sent by accident to hundreds of KEXP volunteers on Wednesday, because I was goofing around. Luckily, our volunteer scheduling tool is idiot-proof and stopped me.

It’s no wonder I was acting a bit silly. There was amazing music in the air at KEXP all day long. Kurt Cobain’s birthday and Mayor McGinn’s proclamation that February is “Women Who Rock” month were spotlighted with special programming. Seattle duo Ivan and Alyosha played live on The Midday Show. Greg Vandy welcomed Ken Shipley from Chicago reissue label The Numero Group into The Road House and Ken blew us away sharing some of his favorite rare soul and gospel 45s on-air.

And when New Orleans music legend Aaron Neville showed up for his in-studio? Staff and volunteers alike were acting like giddy teenagers. At one point, a co-worker ran into my office, closed the door behind her, and screamed “he touched me!”

That variety of music, that level of excitement… that’s what we aspire to everyday here on KEXP. And it’s only possible because of listeners who become donors. People who share that same enthusiasm for songs and artists who make us act a little crazy and support KEXP with their gifts. People like Pat on Mercer Island:

"I was in tears listening to Aaron Neville yesterday. Where else would you hear him live on the radio? And I love the young, obviously-overwhelmed groups that are getting their first chance to be heard on your station. You perform a wonderful service to musicians.”
Today is the beginning of KEXP’s Spring Fundraising Drive, an amazing testament to what people can accomplish when they work together on behalf of something they believe it. Please take a moment, right now, to be a part of that excitement and make a donation. Gifts from individual donors are KEXP’s number one source of funding. You power every one of those crazy days where Nirvana, Aaron Neville, and rare gospel 45s come together in a one-of-a-kind soundtrack.

You can give online or, if you’d rather talk to a fellow music lover, call (206) 903-5397 or (866) 903-5397. If a volunteer don’t pick up on the first ring, don’t panic. They might be in the kitchen helping me keep Bigfoot at bay.

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