Live Video: Shugo Tokumaru

Live Video
Jake Uitti
photo by Dave Lichterman

“It’s like watching a movie,” DJ Cheryl Waters exclaimed during the elaborate in-studio performance by Shugo Tokumaru. The Japanese musician, famous for using more than 100 different instruments in his album recordings, incorporates so many instruments in his music, from the more traditional guitars and basses and drums, to the more irregular harmonium, whistle, egg shaker, ukulele, cornet and more (even bringing a hand puppet to his in-studio at KEXP), that it seems hard to keep track of what's being played when. But amazingly, he fits it all together in a harmonious puzzle that’s easy on the ears. Joined by a handful of players who bring the many pieces together, Tokumaru, an effortless player on the electric guitar, sang playfully while running through quick riffs and rhythms, like tunes from a music box, live in the KEXP studio. Watch them put all the pieces together here:

Full Performance:

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