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Vacation's over, folks. Those last several weeks of light weekly lists with barely a handful of worthwhile new releases are no more. Time to get back to record shopping in earnest. And this week is a doozy! Topping the list is the tenth album from veteran Chapel Hill, NC, group Superchunk. Released on the label band cofounders Laura Ballance and Mac McCaughan started, Merge Records, I Hate Music proves exactly the opposite of its title. Our Music Director, Don Yates, calls it "another excellent set of exuberant, hook-filled pop-punk, featuring consistently stellar songs with punchy guitars, energetic rhythms and anthemic sing-along choruses." Look for Superchunk performing at Bumbershoot on Labor Day weekend, where they will also be playing for KEXP at the Bumbershoot Music Lounge. Get more information here.

Also out this week is the ninth album from Portland singer-songwriter Laura Veirs, which Don Yates describes as "an impressive set of beautifully crafted folk-pop, with a lushly produced sound (courtesy of longtime producer/husband Tucker Marine) and a variety of special guests (including Neko Case, kd lang, Jim James, Brian Blade, members of the Decemberists and other notables) helping to flesh out Veirs’ finely chiseled songs, which find her contrasting the joys of love and motherhood with the horrors of war, suicide and gun violence." LA duo No Age return after three years with their fourth album, which turns out to be "a dramatic change of pace that finds them exploring the sounds of stern post-punk, atmospheric shoegaze and amelodic No Wave with a mostly bleak blend of angular guitar lines, noisy ambient textures, taut rhythms and monotone vocals." (No Age will be live on KEXP tomorrow at 11AM.) And California retro-rockers Crocodiles continue their dark, fuzzy, happy-to-be-heartbroken sound, with tighter production this time courtesy of The Raveonettes' Sune Rose Wagner, on their fourth LP, Crimes of Passion.

Other excellent new releases this week come from the horribly named but awesome sounding Nashville band Diarrhea Planet, who second album is "an impressive, high-energy blend of raucous garage-rock, buzzsaw Ramones punk, melodic power-pop, riff-heavy hard-rock and epic Springsteen grandeur, combining a massive four-guitar attack with an abundance of catchy hooks"; prolific LA-via-San Francisco musician Ty Segall, whose latest is "a striking change of pace that turns down the amps in favor of brooding, acoustic-oriented psych-folk, featuring a raw, stripped-down sound combining acoustic psych guitars and occasional strings with dark, introspective lyrics centering around his adoptive father’s recent death and his subsequent estrangement from his mother"; 11-member Portland group Typhoon, whose third album is "a potent set of orchestral folk-pop, with a rich, dynamic sound featuring electric and hard-strummed acoustic guitars, horns, strings, keyboards and more on emotive, often lyrically dark songs laced with epic crescendos and sing-along choruses"; and LA-based artist Zola Jesus (a.k.a. Nika Roza Danilova) who teams up with JG Thirlwell (a.k.a. Foetus) and the New York-based Mivos Quartet for a "re-working some of her previously released songs" with a more "acoustic-oriented, chamber-pop sound [that] is dramatically different from the more electronic-oriented source material, it still provides a beautiful, haunting frame for her dramatic, impassioned vocals".

You'll also want to check out the latest from Julianna Barwick, who recorded her third album in Iceland with with Alex Somers and an array of Icelandic musicians; Danish band Kissaway Trail who return with "a rock-solid set of epic, psych-tinged pop-rock with layered oceanic guitars, atmospheric synths and catchy pop hooks"; New York's Ski Lodge, whose debut is "a promising set of dreamy post-punk with jangly guitars, atmospheric keyboards, morose vocals, dark lyrics and wistful melodies"; New Zealand trio Surf City, whose second album is "another impressive set of hooky, psych-tinged garage-pop reminiscent of ‘80s-era New Zealand bands like The Clean and The Chills, though with a bit heavier emphasis on fuzzy, reverb-drenched guitars"; and veteran Nashville-based singer-songwriter Tim Easton, whose latest is "an often-fiery set of lean roots-rock inflected with rockabilly, blues and other vintage styles, combining stinging guitar licks with lively rhythms".

And there's much, much more, including new albums from Porcelain Raft, Pure Bathing Culture, White Lies, Shigeto, DIANA, Bent Shapes, White Hills, His Electro Blue Voice, Widower, Army Navy, Earl Sweatshirt, BRAIDS, and many others. Plus, you'll find a deluxe edition of The Lumineers' debut, including a few bonus tracks, and reissues from the pre-Dirty Three Australian band Venom P. Stinger, featuring Mick Harvey and drummer Jim White.

It's mind blowing, really, so you're going to need to get started right away. But not before you sample the tracks gathered below.

  • Army Navy - Crushed Like the Car

  • from The Crushed EP on The Fever Zone
  • Julianna Barwick - One Half
  • from Nepenthe on Dead Oceans
  • Bent Shapes - Behead Yrself, Pt. 2 (MP3)
  • from Feels Weird on Father/Daughter Records
  • BRAIDS - Fruend
  • from Flourish // Perish Out on Arbutus
  • Crocodiles - Cockroach
  • from Crimes of Passion on Frenchkiss Records
  • DIANA - Born Again
  • from Perpetual Surrender on Jagjaguwar
  • Diarrhea Planet - Separations
  • from I'm Rich Beyond Your Wildest Dreams on Infinity Cat
  • Earl Sweatshirt - Whoa (feat. Tyler, The Creator)
  • from Doris on Tan Cressida/Columbia
  • Tim Easton - Troubled Times (MP3)
  • from Not Cool on Campfire Propaganda/Thirty Tigers
  • The Goldberg Sisters - Stranger's Morning
  • from Stranger’s Morning on ApologyMusic
  • Golden Suits - Swimming In '99
  • from Golden Suits on Yep Roc
  • Gross Relations - Cut the Final Scene (MP3)
  • from Gross Relations on Old Flame Records
  • His Electro Blue Voice - Born Tired (MP3)
  • from Ruthless Sperm on Sub Pop
  • Julia Holter - Maxim's I
  • from Loud City Song on Domino Recording Co.
  • The Horse's Ha - Dying Tree (MP3)
  • from Waterdrawn on Fluff and Gravy Records
  • Kissaway Trail - The Springsteen Implosion
  • from Breach on Yep Roc
  • The Lumineers - Darlene
  • from The Lumineers (Deluxe Edition) on Dualtone Records
  • Willy Mason - Carry On (MP3)
  • from Carry On on Communion Records
  • Native - Coin Toss
  • from Orthodox on Sargent House
  • Sarah Neufeld - Hero Brother (MP3)
  • from Hero Brother on Constellation Records
  • No Age - An Impression (MP3)
  • from An Object on Sub Pop
  • Porcelain Raft - The Way Out
  • from Permanent Signal on Secretly Canadian
  • Pure Bathing Culture - Pendulum
  • from Moon Tides on Partisan Records
  • Ty Segall - Sleeper
  • from Sleeper on Drag City
  • Shigeto - Olivia
  • from No Better Time Than Now on Ghostly International
  • Ski Lodge - Boy
  • from Big Heart on Dovecote Records
  • Still Life Still - In Enemies
  • from Mourning Trance on Arts & Crafts
  • Surf City - It's a Common Life
  • from We Knew It Was Not Going To Be Like This on Fire Records
  • Superchunk - Me & You & Jackie Mittoo (MP3)
  • from I Hate Music on Merge Records
  • Travis - Moving
  • from Where You Stand on Red Telephone Box Records
  • Typhoon - Dreams of Cannibalism
  • from White Lighter on Roll Call Records
  • Venom P. Stinger - Superfreak
  • from 1986-1991 on Drag City
  • Laura Veirs - Sun Song
  • from Warp and Weft on Raven Marching Band Records
  • Alexander Von Mehren - Natural Selection (MP3)
  • from Natural Selection on The Control Group
  • White Hills - In Your Room (MP3)
  • from So You Are... So You'll Be on Thrill Jockey
  • White Lies - Getting Even
  • from Big TV on Harvest Records
  • Widower - Oh Catherine, My Catherine (MP3)
  • from Fool Moon on Mama Bird Recording Co.
  • Zola Jesus - Avalanche (Slow)
  • from Versions on Sacred Bones

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